We’ve built our reputation
on selling fresh thinking.

Our company

Founded in 2009, Hunter Price International Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest growing product sourcing, distribution and importing businesses, offering a vast and exciting array of branded and licenced products – and exceptional value for money.

Our current ranges include everything from pocket money lines, giftware and seasonal goods to home products, luxury items, electrical and foodstuffs, and we can source anything to order.

In our early days we focused mainly on purchase and distribution of volume stock clearance, purchased from all corners of the earth, which was supplied to independent retailers, e-tailers and discount retail chains across the UK and Europe. The stock trading business quickly developed into manufacturing and distributing licenced based product.

We know what will sell and at what price. Our purchasing team has extensive experience in product valuation (learned from spot buying clearance "deals") and are unrivalled at sourcing, developing and bringing through high volume selling lines, including first to market products and promotions.

We go to great lengths to make sure that our customers have the very best products, on time and at the best price!

Outstanding customer service

Our buying/sourcing expertise is complemented by a commitment to customer service. The relationships we have with our customers are built on honesty, trust and integrity, and they know that our promises can be relied upon.

In other words, everything we do is focused on making sure that our customers have the very best products, on time and at the best price!